Server Rules

Server Rules:

• No swearing, racism, hate speech, discrimination or harassment.

• Griefing and raiding is NOT permitted (includes unclaimed/abandoned builds). 

• Hacks, duping, glitches, bug abuse and x-ray are not permitted. 

• Respect other players and staff. 

• No spamming, advertising or links in chat. 

• No inappropriate builds, usernames, skins, or item names.

• No scamming in trades. No gambling or casinos. 

• No unwanted pvp. 

• If a staff member asks you to end a conversation, end it. 

• English only in main chat. Use /msg or start a /partychat to speak other languages. 

• No more than 1 ALT online at the same time (2 total accounts) 


• Auto farms ARE allowed 

• 0 Tick farms are NOT allowed

• Guardian farms are NOT allowed  

• Gold/Trident/Iron farms ARE allowed ONLY with a spawner  

• Witch farms are NOT allowed

• AFK fish farms are NOT allowed  


 •  Flying machines are NOT allowed 

In Progress:

Please be patient while we update the rules, any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.